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Selective iga deficiency from anvita health wiki jump to: navigation, search contents 1 etiology 2 epidemiology 3 pathology 4 genetics 5 clinical-manifestations 6 laboratory 7 complications 8 management 9 more general terms 10 additional terms 11 internet database 12 references etiology pharmaceutical agents reported to cause iga deficiency phenytoin carbamazepine penicillamine hydroxychloroquine sulfasalazine sodium aurothiomalate epidemiology most common immunoglobulin deficiency found in approximately 1/600 healthy subjects pathology frequently associated with igg subclass igg2 & igg4 deficiency (may be risk factor for severe infection) most patients have normal levels of circulating b-cells which fail to differentiate into plasma cells secreting iga pulmonary disease is common & often severe infections are most frequently caused by encapsulated organisms decreased antibody response to carbohydrate antigens such as pneumococcal vaccine bronchiectasis & obstructive airway disease occur in 40% of patients patients may make ige anti- iga genetics associated with defects in tnfrsf13b (type2), also seen with common variable immunodeficiency clinical-manifestations most patients are asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic recurrent sinopulmonary & gastrointestinal infections ( giardiasis) may occur autoimmune disease may also occur [2] laboratory serum iga < 5 mg/dl (normal 70-300 mg/dl) normal serum igg & igm complications greater prevalence of: allergy, especially food allergy autoimmune diseases rheumatoid arthritis systemic lupus erythematosus hypothyroidism vitiligo maligancies gastric adenocarcinoma lymphoma management not an indication for intravenous immunoglobulin, except for patients who are also deficient in igg2 or igg4 (monitor closely) anaphylactoid reactions have occurred when iga-deficient patients are given blood transfusions or igg preparations containing small amounts of iga ( ige anti- iga) more general terms lung disease humoral immune dysfunction additional terms common variable immunodeficiency (cvid) immunoglobulin-a (iga) internet database omim: 609529 references mayo internal medicine board review, 1998-99, prakash ubs (ed) lippincott-raven, philadelphia, 1998, pg 747 medical knowledge self assessment program (mksap) 11, 14, 15, american college of physicians, philadelphia 1998, 2006, 2009 selective iga deficiency retrieved from " views page discussion view source history personal tools log in navigation main page community portal current events recent changes random page help search   toolbox what links here related changes special pages printable version permanent link this page was last modified on. do boots sell viagra over the counter cheap viagra online real viagra without a prescription Where can you buy viagra in uk viagra without a doctor prescription viagra for sale can buy viagra over counter uk is viagra a prescription drug buy generic viagra generic viagra india safe buy cheap viagra cheapest generic viagra prices online viagra reviews 10mg Buy female viagra uk do boots sell viagra over the counter viagra for sale cheap viagra online Viagra kidney stones do boots sell viagra over the counter cheapest viagra to buy tips for buying viagra online

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