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The Insider’s Guide
Now you know what we know about the Kearsarge/Lake Sunapee area
By the Kearsarge Magazine team

Here are the directions so you can enjoy these secret spots of the Kearsarge/Lake Sunapee area.

Best place for a photo of falling water
Take Newbury Heights Road (across from the information booth). Bear right onto Lake View Road. Look for a place to park on your right. Find the Newbury trail head that will take you to Lake Solitude. Walk on the trail for about 100 yards and there is the stream with the waterfall.

Best place to watch rising rapids
The Waterloo Bridge in Warner is located just south of Exit 9 on Route 103. Take a left when you see the brown historic sign.

Best woodpile
Head for the Matthew Harvey Homestead at Muster Field Farm in North Sutton. Take Interstate 89 to Exit 10 (Sutton) and follow the signs to Route 114. Take Route 114 North to center of North Sutton village (1/4 mile), then follow signs to Muster Field Farm.

Best sign post
To find the old black boot sign post, take Exit 9 to Route 103, then take North Road. Look carefully when you reach the intersection of North Road and Stevens Brook Road. (You won’t find a street sign, but you will see a sign for the nature area on one of the “corners.”)

Best view of Mount Kearsarge (it’s a tie)
View one: Lane River To reach this viewpoint, go to North Sutton and head south along the road that goes by Kezar Lake and Wadleigh State Park. Stop before the bridge, get out of your car, and enjoy. Cross the bridge and continue to Sutton Mills. Turn right and look right to see a beautiful waterfall of the Lane River.

View two: Knights Meadow Marsh Take Schoodac Road (north from Warner) and turn left on Knights Meadow Road. If you get to Lake Winnepocket, you have gone just a bit too far. Knight Meadow Marsh, located in Webster, is truly a hidden gem in the area. A short hike along the southeast shore gets you to a fine view of the marsh and Mount Kearsarge.

Best semi-dangerous spot to take your kids
You can get to White Ledges by hiking the Andrews Brook Trail (the more crowded of the two) or the Newbury Trail from Newbury. Either trail takes a bit over an hour.

Best imitation of Niagara Falls
The best series of falls is along the Sugar River (South branch) at the site of the former Pollard Mill in Newport. Take Route 10 South from Newport and turn right on Pollard Mills Road. In less than a half mile, take a left on Falls Road and park in the small lot on the left.

Best place to see 25 percent of nation’s covered railroad bridges
Newport is lucky to have two: Pier Bridge and Wright’s Bridge. These impressive structures are about a mile apart along Chandlers Mill Road off Route 11. Heading west, the Pier Bridge appears on your right. To get to Wright’s Bridge, park where the road makes a slight jog to the left while the rail tail continues straight ahead. Walk a short distance along the rail trail to the bridge.

Best stone chapel in the woods
The Crowther Chapel can be reached by a short walk along a trail beyond a gate on Stagecoach Road, near the corner of Youngs Hill Road.

Best place to bounce your bike off rocks
If you enjoy riding a mountain bike and tire of the area’s dirt roads, the Webb Forest in Sunapee has it all. Head east on 103 from the Mount Sunapee Traffic circle. Harding Hill Road is 1.4 miles on your right. Enter at the gate about 0.5 miles along Harding Hill Road.

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